Your Micro Market, Managed.

Imagine your future market - always stocked and functioning as a profitable part of your hotel model.

Micro Market

Our Mission

Paramount Micro Markets provides professional management and delivery services for more efficient and profitable hotel micro markets.

At Paramount, we turn micro markets from money pits into money makers.

Custom Consultation

We quickly assess your market’s usage, customer needs, and franchise brand standards to make product and price recommendations for increased profits.

Streamlined Replenishment

We visit each individual micro market consistently throughout the week, stocking exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. This cuts down on waste and saves time. We keep your products at par level each trip.

Eliminate Ordering, Storing & Merchandising

Our process eliminates high-cost hotel labor hours spent on the market. No more weekly ordering from multiple vendors or making last-minute runs to the bulk store. We eliminate any storage concerns & any associated shrinkage from theft out the back.

Effortless Management

We treat each market like it’s our own, ensuring your market is organized, fully stocked, running smoothly and driving profits. We are your one-stop shop for product distribution and replenishment.
Micro Market

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